Clubs & Community Awards 

The Clubs & Community Awards recognise the outstanding social contributions made by clubs in their local communities.

Date & Venue to be advised - October 2023!!


Clubs & Community Award Categories 2023

Story Submissions open 14th of March 2023 25th of August 2023, 23:59 AEST

Categories for Clubs & Community Awards 2023

Clubs are the social fabric of our communities, the Clubs & Community Award categories have evolved to better represent this.

Clubs of the ACT support over 1000 community groups and it’s time to hear those stories!

Clubs are invited to submit stories/initiatives about their own community partners within the core community value categories.

The entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges and judged based on their innovation, collaboration and community impact. Three finalists and one winner will be named in each category.

Submission Period 1 July 2022 – 30 June 2023

Categories for Clubs & Community Awards 2023

Clubs of the ACT support over 1000 community groups and it’s time to hear those stories!

Arts & Culture

Recognising Clubs that are empowering and developing arts, language and culture in the community, including supporting artists and performers, celebrating culture, including Indigenous culture, and helping provide public programming such as festivals, events, music, film, performing arts and the presentation of literature.

TIP: Look at your club’s constitution and see if there are any relevant groups in the purpose of your club.

TIP: Do you support a particular festival or day?  Perhaps Reconciliation Day?  Diwali? Do you go above and beyond for ANZAC day?  Or do you have a relationship with the local arts groups where you support and promote the cause? Do you hold music events, concerts or Sunday sessions with local artists?

Hospitality Innovation
Recognise and celebrate outstanding achievements in the field of hospitality within the club industry. This award category acknowledges clubs that have demonstrated exceptional creativity and ingenuity in delivering exceptional customer service experiences to their members. Recognising clubs that have made significant strides in creating unique and memorable experiences for their members through innovation in various aspects of hospitality.

TIP: Potential areas of innovation that may be recognised in this category could include:

Menu Innovation: This could involve creating unique, local, seasonal and healthy menu items that appeal to the club's diverse membership base. This could also include offering a variety of options for dietary restrictions or preferences such as gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan options.

Service Innovation: This could involve implementing new and innovative ways to enhance the member experience, such as personalised customer service, digital concierge services or utilising technology to streamline check-in processes or member communication.

Renovation Innovation: This could involve updating or renovating club facilities to create a more modern and luxurious experience for members, including the addition of new amenities.

Celebrating Diversity & Social Inclusion
Recognising innovative approaches that support inclusion by addressing the needs of a diverse community.  This includes but is not limited to celebrating diversity, and involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds, different genders and sexual orientations, Indigenous programs, supporting people and special needs, disabilities and aged inclusion in our community.

 TIP: Did any of your sporting teams take part in a pride round or celebrate Mardi Gras this year? Did your club hold any cultural events or celebrations? Has your team reached an equal ratio of male: female or equal payments for all people?  How old are your members and how are they recognised, supported and included in your club community? Does your club have sporting teams or meeting groups for people with disability? Do you actively employ people with disability?

Education, Learning & Development

Recognising support for learning, education and vocational training across all age groups that enhances the lives of those living in the community.  This includes funding learning and school programs, providing education and training pathways, and supporting employee learning and development.

TIP: Think of the development pathways your clubs have for your staff and volunteers. Do your Clubs do training or team development sessions? Have any of your team members finished a significant qualification or length of service?
Has your club supported local schools or programs within those schools?

Contribution to Sport, Community Development & Wellbeing

A prestigious recognition given in the club industry to individuals, organisations, or teams that have made significant contributions to the promotion of sport, community development, and wellbeing. This award aims to acknowledge those who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, innovation, and dedication to improving the lives of others through sports and community initiatives. The award recognises individuals or organisations that have developed programs or initiatives that promote physical activity, healthy living, and wellbeing, and those who have made an impact on the community by promoting social inclusion and cohesion through sports.

TIP: How has and does your club support those with mental health issues? Is there staff training or a chill out room?  Other than GCO training, is there in venue training for recognising signs of problem gambling or other Mental Health Issues?

TIP: Think about sport as all sports – Chess and Eightball are sports too!
Oxford Dictionary defines sport as "an activity involving physical exertion and or skill in which an individual or a team competes against another or others for entertainment".

TIP: What initiatives bring people from different backgrounds together to create opportunities and promote respect and understanding?

Sustainability & Environment

Recognising the efforts of Clubs that have assisted the community by delivering projects and initiatives towards a sustainable future recognising the importance of our environmental sustainability in the community.

TIP: Think about all areas of sustainability and environment including the circular economy, worm farms, recycling cans (or giving to a sports or charity to recycle).
Think about your clubs ESG strategy – authentically though, not just at a governance level.

 Emerging Talent – Employee of the year

Recognises outstanding employees who have demonstrated exceptional skills, dedication, and potential for growth in their field. This award is specifically designed for those employees who are relatively new to the club industry but have shown a significant contribution to the organisation and the industry as a whole.

The ideal candidate for this award is someone who has been working in the club industry for two to five years, has shown a passion for their work, and has made a significant impact on their club or organization. They should have displayed exceptional performance, innovative thinking, and a commitment to delivering excellent service to members and guests.

TIP: Consider the entire business and it’s moving parts when choosing who to nominate for this award.

Individual Service to the Industry

(Individual Award nominated by Member Clubs and final determination is by the ClubsACT Board)

Celebrating outstanding services to the Club & Community and recognising our ‘unsung heroes’ in our industry.  This award recognises the service and dedication to not only the Club Industry but also the local Canberra community.

TIP: Who contributes to your Staff, Management, Board, Team, or Volunteers tirelessly and has been involved in the Club Industry for a long period of time?

Heart of the Community
(Club of the year Award, this will be awarded to the best overall club member entry, encompassing all stories, innovation and community involvement)

Recognising the outstanding efforts of a Club/Club Group that has had a significant positive impact on their community by contributing to and/or improving the social, cultural, financial or environmental wellbeing of the community.


2023 Clubs and Community Awards CBR Entry Form

Club: ____________________________________________________________

Postal Address: ___________________________________________________


Contact Name: ___________________________Phone: __________________

Email Address: ____________________________________________________

Submission Guidelines:

  • 1) Outline what the story/project/program is and how the club assisted.  Thinking about:
    • What was the objective? (What did you hope to achieve)
    • What did you contribute towards the story/project/program? (i.e. in kind donation, staff volunteers, club facilities, financial contribution)
    • What was the timeline and measurable impact of the story/project/program? (Example – approached on 1stof July 2000 for the ABC community issue, contributed financially to the community group in the first financial year the sum of x, they’ve managed to do y with funding, second year we did z)
    • If the story/project/program spans multiple years, how will the club improve the project/program? Will the club continue to support the project/program?
    • How did this story/project/program OR community issue needing to be addressed first come to the attention of the club, management and board?
    • Why did the club feel it was important to support this community need?2) Outline why the club supported and aligned itself to this story/project/program.  Thinking about:
  • 3) The outcome.  Thinking about:
    • How was the project positively received by the community?
  • 4) Credits.  ((Optional) List any people/organisations that you wish to mention or to thank, these people may be contacted for further comments or clarification)
  • 5) Supporting documentation. (Maximum 6 attachments – 8mb)

Sign off criteria:

  • We agree to all Terms and Conditions of the Clubs and Community Awards submissions.
    We declare that the information presented in this entry is to the best of our knowledge, accurate and true in every respect.


Please include:

Name of President/Secretary/Manager: e.g. John Smith
Title: e.g. General Manager
Date: 19/07/2023



Date: ___________________________________________________

Terms and Conditions

Category entries will be accessed by a panel of independent judges.
Submissions may be submitted either electronically or in hard copy.
The decision of the judging panel is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
Do not send in original photos.
Entries and accompanying submissions will not be accepted after 25th of August 2023, 23:59 AEST
All entries and requests for further information should be sent to Kate Palmer - Email:

  1. In order for your submission to be valid, you must be one of the following:
  2. a) A financial member of ClubsACT and situated within the state of ACT (fee free entry). Non-members of ClubsACT can enter at the discretion of ClubsACT and will be subject to an entry fee.
  3. b) An organisation (corporate or community) who has worked with or benefited from a financial member of ClubsACT and situated within the state of ACT.
  4. Individual Clubs of Club Groups are encouraged to submit independent entries.
  5. In most cases, a submission must be for a current or ongoing project where the benefit has been within the past financial year. The judges will assess stories where the impact and value was developed strategically over time, rather than a one-off occasion such as a cheque-giving exercise.
  6. By submitting an entry, the entrant indemnifies ClubsACT against all claims, losses, suits and demands made against or suffered by the club, due to any negligent act or omission on the part of the entrant - this includes unauthorized or uncredited use of images, videos or materials supporting an entry.
  7. The entrant agrees that the Judge’s decision is final and understands no further correspondence will be entered into.
  8. ClubsACT may use any stories, information, photographs or video footage submitted by entrants to promote the Clubs & Community Awards, other community events or in any way ClubsACT deems suitable.
  9. Any promotion of a club’s status in the event must include the year in which recognition was received, e.g. the 2023 Clubs & Community CBR Arts & Culture Award.
  10. Every club qualifying as finalists must have a minimum of one representative of their club and/or nominating organisation in attendance at the Clubs & Community CBR Awards Dinner.
  11. The entrant agrees that in the 12-month period following the Awards Dinner, should any action be brought against the club that may bring discredit to ClubsACT and/or the club industry, any recognition that has been received may be revoked after completion of an investigation.

If you require further clarification, please contact the events team at ClubsACT on 02 6273 4694 or

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