Donation Policy

ClubsACT supports a democratic system of government and believes it needs to be engaged and understand the evolving policy and regulatory environments in ACT. ClubsACT is committed to engaging in the political process without apology for pursuing our purpose of promoting and protecting clubs in the ACT.

The contribution clubs make to the ACT community and economy is noted as:

  • $274 million in total revenue;
  • $39 million in social contribution of which $11 million is direct cash or in-kind donations;
  • 1745 people employed;
  • 327,000 members in the ACT; and
  • $73 million in taxes paid.

Contributions to political parties represent a legal, commonly accepted practice and represents a tiny percentage of the total club industry’s contributions to the community. Member clubs operate in a highly-regulated and complex industry. We have a responsibility to our member clubs to understand and contribute to public policy.  We must ensure that the role of ClubsACT and our operating environment is well understood by Members of the ACT Assembly, policy makers and the ACT Community.

Our member clubs also expect us to have detailed current knowledge of public and regulatory policy issues and drivers, when we provide advice and services to them.

Ways in which ClubsACT participates in policy engagement include:

  • making submissions to inquiries and industry consultation processes where appropriate. These may be processes established by the ACT Assembly or government agencies including regulators; and
  • engaging with Members of the ACT Assembly and policy makers through avenues such as formal meetings, speaking in public forums and appearing before inquires, liaising with ACT bureaucrats and regulators.

In the ACT, political parties are funded by a mix of public and private monies.  As part of its engagement with the political process, Clubs ACT provides financial support to the ACT political parties, primarily through paid attendance at events or hosting events for the purposes of fundraising. ClubsACT may also donate money to support political parties.

ClubsACT has a full disclosure policy and as such will comply with all requirements to disclose all political contributions to the relevant authorities.


A link to the financial disclosure returns for the ACT political parties and candidates follows