Robert Oatley Vineyards – the re-emergence of an Australian wine icon

Robert Oatley Vineyards marks Bob Oatley’s return to the winemaking business. The winemaking company began in 2006, evolving from seven of the family’s existing vineyard sites in Mudgee – properties that had been retained since the sale of Rosemount Estate.

Bob Oatley’s homestead and home-block vineyard in Mudgee adjoin the historic Montrose property, comprising a superb vineyard and the region’s largest winery, which was purchased in 2006 to serve as the family’s winemaking headquarters. Two brands were immediately introduced: Wild Oats and Robert Oatley, closely followed by the re-launched Montrose range.

The Australian-exclusive Wild Oats brand has proven a great success. Within two years, Australian wine drinkers had voted with their palates, placing the brand among the nation’s top-selling wines. Critics also praised the wines, noting their refreshing, varietally-true taste and admiring the contemporary packaging.

The first pair of Robert Oatley wines were launched in Australia in 2007. Soon after, six wines were introduced to the US market in re-designed packaging, a concept that has been embraced for the new Australian range and the new company name – Robert Oatley Vineyards.

The wines are made and distributed by Robert Oatley Vineyards within Australia and the United States. Along with a number of valued family members, including elder son Andrew (Sandy) who heads the business, Bob Oatley has augmented his trusted, highly experienced team with a carefully selected mix of new experts, combining experience, knowledge, innovation and enthusiasm to realise the long-term vision for Robert Oatley Vineyards.


Ron Molloy
Account Manager, ACT
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