Clubs taking role in patron safety seriously


Clubs taking role in patron safety seriously

As areas around Australia continue to battle COVID-19 outbreaks, ACT clubs have vowed to do their part to keep patrons and the community safe.

“Clubs have implemented all advised precautions as they have slowly reopened, including complying with physical distancing, hygiene and cleaning recommendations,” ClubsACT Chief Executive, Gwyn Rees said.

“Where clubs differ from other hospitality and entertainment venues though is the requirement for guests to show identification. This enables clubs to be even more stringent than other facilities, including potentially turning away people from virus hotspots.”

Victoria in particular has recently recorded increases in COVID-19 cases, with many cases concentrated in parts of Melbourne’s inner north and west.

The Chief Health Officer has mandated that beginning today, anyone visiting Canberra from Melbourne will have to undergo a 14-day quarantine.

“As we make progress towards fully reopening, it is important for clubs and our communities to remember the pandemic is still with us and we must be vigilant,” Mr Rees explained.

“With restrictions changing fairly frequently, what is and isn’t allowed can be confusing for the public.

“Our clubs can play an important role in assuring safety. Contact tracing is key to this and we are strongly advising our venues to manage visitors who may come from Victoria.

“People should be confident they can enjoy a safe night out at their local club and all measures have been taken to protect them.”



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Gwyn Rees is the CEO of ClubsACT