Hospitality needs roadmap


Hospitality needs roadmap

ClubsACT has called on the ACT Government to keep pace with other jurisdictions and urgently provide local clubs with guidance on next steps towards business as usual.

“Thanks to the Canberra community, including clubs, stepping up doing the right thing over many weeks, the ACT has not recorded a new case of COVID for 14 days.” ClubsACT Chief Executive, Gwyn Rees said.

“Yet as other states, some of whom have not yet reached the public health outcomes achieved here, have outlined plans for getting hospitality back to a viable patronage level, the ACT is yet to be provided that roadmap.

“Most of our clubs have buildings of significant square meterage, designed to seat hundreds of customers.  A limit of 10 people per venue will not help our clubs return to profitability or get staff back to paid employment.”

Victoria has a plan in place to allow 20 patrons per enclosed space by 1 June (100 by mid July), Western Australia is already allowing up to 20 people per venue, and clubs in the Northern Territory no longer have mandated customer numbers.

“As a minimum, we would like a roadmap so clubs know how and when restrictions will be loosened where health outcomes allow,” Mr Rees said.

“However, we believe the ACT Government should immediately support clubs to reopen with up to 100 patrons with strict physical distancing, hygiene and tracing rules in place.

“Most clubs could easily welcome 100 patrons without compromising physical distancing. This decision could be reviewed every two weeks and changed if necessary.

“We are mindful that there remain substantial numbers of workers mixing in offices, tradespeople working in residents’ homes, thousands of people visiting supermarkets and retailers, including big box retailers, all of whom still remain open.

“Our clubs are ready for the same.  They will be vigilant in monitoring and enforcing whatever rules materialize but they are not viable with 10 patrons.  They must be given confidence there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

“We have provided a draft plan with a way forward to the ACT Government, its officials, the United Workers Union and the ACT Chief Health Officer.”


For media enquiries please contact:
Gwyn Rees, ClubsACT
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