Minister Ramsay should Champion Inclusion, not Exclusion


Canberra is no longer Australia’s most inclusive city, with ClubsACT calling on the Labor Greens Government to lift the ban on a clubs capacity to claim men’s semi-professional and professional sport as a community contribution.

Gwyn Rees ClubsACT Chief Executive said the former Chief Minister Jon Stanhope was correct to “bell the cat”  this week, that new community contribution arrangements discriminate on the basis of sex.

“The Government is acting in a way counter to the very premise of equality or even equity. No Australian state or territory takes this draconian approach to sport.

“Clubs are not being asked to share contributions equitably between men’s and women’s sport. They are being told that no contribution to semi-professional or professional men’s sport will count, but any dollar spent on semi-professional or professional women’s sport will count.

ClubsACT continues to seek meetings with the Attorney-General Gordon Ramsay, but to date he has refused to schedule a single meeting – the Association is excluded.

“As a direct consequence of his policy change, there are men’s teams at risk of being unfunded and disbanded.

“The capacity of clubs such as the Raiders, Vikings, Magpies, Eastlake and Ainslie to support all types of sports, at all levels will be adversely impacted.

“One of the greatest aspects of sport in Australia is its inclusive nature,” Mr Rees said. Clubs are great supporters of sport – men and women, boys and girls and it should not be diminished by short-sighted government policy.

“This decision is highly divisive and must be rescinded for the good of all.”