ClubsACT and Koomarri partner to train and employ young Canberrans



ClubsACT has recently consolidated a new working relationship with Koomarri and we hope this new partnership will provide a platform to better assist the employment of young people with an intellectual disability Canberra in the hospitality sector.

As an organisation that values and promotes community participation, ClubsACT supports the Koomarri initiative to find meaningful employment for people with a disability while also building organisational knowledge and skills to create an accessible and inclusive workplace. The proposed program will provide participants and our members with access to an employment and training framework that can be tailored to their individual circumstances and level of disability confidence. ClubsACT will provide the expertise and networking opportunities required to expand the program across the ACT and assist our member clubs to demonstrate their leadership in this area.

We look forward to working with the Koomarri team in improving employment outcomes for people with a disability in Canberra.

FAQ’s for Koomarri’s Customised Employment Program

What is the purpose of the Customised Employment Program? The opportunity to increase a person’s skills and experiences in real business environments increases the probability of finding long-term employment. It also provides employers with motivated potential employees that positively contribute to your business. As a local partner we can explore developing either work trials or a paid position depending on your interest.

What support is provided to me? Koomarri provides a Career Coach for all work trials for the entire time. You will also be provided with direct support from a Koomarri Work Experience Coordinator as needed.

Is there a cost? No. All costs for Career Coaches and incidentals are met by Koomarri.

How many hours are involved? This is completely negotiable and will depend on the needs of your business. Work trials are generally one shift of 2-3 hours per week but can be run over multiple days if more convenient for you.

How does Koomarri match participants to businesses? As part of our customised employment approach, we take great care researching both the needs of the individual business/employer and the skills, abilities and interests of the participant. With the detailed information gathered, we match employers with participants to gain the best possible outcome for both parties.

Do I have to dedicate an employee or employees to supervise the participant? No. The Koomarri Career Coach accompanying the participant will be present at all times.

What do I need to do? We ask that you provide suitable tasks for the participant to complete during their weekly shifts. The Career Coach can help to identify these tasks and will also oversee the completion of the work. The goal is to have the participant completing tasks with reduced assistance from their Career Coach by the end of their work trial.

How long are work trials? Work trials are usually for a school term – 10 weeks (2-3 hours per week).

Can I participate in the program more than once? Yes!! Providing our participants with a variety of work trials enhances their skills and experiences in a working environment, and we encourage businesses to remain in the program.

What if I would like to offer the participant a permanent position within my business after the work trial is completed? Our goal is to find suitable, meaningful long-term employment for all participants in our program, therefore we would be more than happy to discuss this with you!

Can I speak to other businesses that have participated in the program? Yes you can. We have a number of businesses that are continuing in the program and who are more than willing to discuss their experience with you. We can provide their contact details on request.

For more information please contact our Employment Team on 6280 6143

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